17 - Theme Customizer

Although, on page level, you can customize the theme layout via meta panel(s) and page builder but some settings are left to be set at global level. This section covers those settings. To access those settings you have to go to Appearance -> Customize in your admin panel.

Once opened this page it will show the preview of your site together with theme customizer at left hand side. There are a number of sections in here. Theme specific sections with short description are given below:

  • General Settings — In this section you can upload site logo (will appear on front-end), dashboard logo (will appear on employer or candidate dashboard), favicon and can define site title, tagline (will appear as tab title).

  • Footer Settings — This section contains the fields to configure the site footer, here you can define text for two text widgets located in the site footer.

  • Social Networks — This is the section where you'll define links to your social profiles. These links may be used at different places on the theme. Primarily these links will appear in the site footer.

There are many other sections but they are not theme specific and is same for any theme you use, so I'll not define them here.