5 - Setting Up User Registration Functionality

By default WordPress does not allow user registration from the front-end so we are using a popular third-party plugin named Profile Builder for this functionality. If you've followed the "Getting Started" section of this documentation this plugin would already be installed and activated, if not you can go ahead and activate this plugin now.

Creating Register/Login Pages

Once the plugin is activated, its time to create user registration, login and password recovery pages for the front-end. The process is pretty straight forward. For this you have to create three pages with the template named "Compact Template". All these pages should be configured as the table given below.

Page Title

Page Content





Password Recovery


Once you have created these pages, go to Appearance -> Customize -> Authetication Settings -> Authetication Pages and appropriately identify each of the current page you have just created. This step is required for some backend functionality.

That's it, now you can visit all three user registration, login and password recovery pages, like any page else. One caveat though, you have to be logged out to check forms on these pages.

Configuring Form Fields

The user registration and login pages should be working fine now. By default, this plugin provides a lengthy user registration form with a lot of fields and also it does not insert a "user role" field for the user to select it's role (e.g. employer or candidate).

To fix this issue we will have to modify the settings of user registration form. For this move over to Profile Builder -> Form Fields admin page and delete all extraneous form fields which you don't need.

In addition to deleting extra fields you should also add a new field named Role. This field will be used to know which type of account the user is registering for i.e. employer or candidate.

Setting Up Social Login

By default the plugin does not offer social login feature however the "Profile Builder" also comes in a paid version. The paid version includes many additional add-ons including "Social Connect", which provides social login funtionality. The theme offers styling for this add-on. The details about paid version of profile builder plugin can bee seen here: https://www.cozmoslabs.com/wordpress-profile-builder/‚Äč