12 - Setting Up Home Page

Now that you have succesfully setup job listing pages and have assigned your blog to another page, it's time to create a custom homepage. Theoretically you should be able to use any page builder to build page layout but we are using "Beaver Page Builder" in the theme demo and we have added a few beaver builder custom modules which will act as building blocks if you want to build a homepage similar to the theme demo.

To use custom beaver builder modules make sure that you have installed and activated "Beaver Page Builder" and "Capstone Pro" plugin. Now follow the procedure below:

Creating Page

Go to Pages -> Add New and create a new page with any appropriate page title e.g. Home, Front Page etc. Also make sure to that "Page Configuration" meta panel is configured like below:

Further, since it's the homepage you would most likely want to activate page hero module for this page. You can do so by configuring the aptly named "Page Hero" meta panel which is located directly below "Page Configuration" meta panel above.

Now, go to Settings -> Reading and choose the page which you have just created as your home page. Now you'll be able to see this page when you visit your site root.

Adding Building Blocks

Now, that the layout and blank canvas for your homepage has been set it is time to add different modules to the home page body section to make it look like demo.

Now you can either build the body layout yourself using the build-in theme modules or you can import the beaver builder templates for the site pages. For details regarding the second method check the section linked below.