Release Notes

These release notes are helpful if you are upgrading from an older version of the theme, if you are installing theme for the first time you can follow the documentation from start.

Upgrading to v1.6.0

If you are upgrading theme from v1.5.x version to v1.6.0, please follow the instructions below for hassle-free transition.

  1. Update "Capstone-Pro" and "WP Job Manager - Company Profile" plugins. For this you first have to delete existing version of these plugins from your site. Once deleted the installation link for the latest version of these plugins will appear in "Appearance -> Install Plugins". Install and activate these plugins. The older version of these plugin won't be compatible with this theme update.

  2. The "Page Hero" section now supports 3 kinds of search forms, which includes (job search, resume search, company search). After updating the theme if any search form is not appearing in the page hero section, make sure that "Search Module" field is appropriately set in the "Page Hero" meta panel settings for your homepage (or wherever page hero is located) and then make sure to "Update" the page.

  3. Similar, to page hero the "Header Search Module" also supports multiple kind of search forms. If the search form in the site header is not appearing properly, make sure that it is properly configure in "Appearance -> Customize -> Header Settings -> Search Module -> Search Type (option)". Also, make sure to "Publish" the settings to make it effective (if it is not already).

  4. Check your "Job Application" popup, if it is displaying two methods for job application but you only want one of those, you'll have to disable one of the method. If you want to keep "WP Job Manager - Applications" add-on method, make sure "WP Job Manager - Resumes" is not appending it's own method by disabling relevant settings in "Resumes -> Settings -> Apply with Resume".

  5. Reconfigure "Listing Spotlight" widget on homepage via beaver builder.

  6. From now on the theme uses "Company Taxonomy" to categorize companies and company profile pages are built based on this categorization. So, you would need to create a term for each company and assign those term to relevant job listings. Follow this docs section on how to achieve it.

Upgrading to v1.4.x

If you are upgrading theme from v1.3.x or some older version to v1.4.x, please follow the instructions below for hassle-free transition.

  1. Update "capstone-pro" plugin. (delete previous version and a link for installing latest compatible version will appear, older version of this plugin won't be compatible with this update)

  2. Assign menus to dashboard nav locations. (previously dashboard menus were hardcoded, now it uses WordPress native menus feature, which allows flexibility, thus you can add any page to dashboard now)

  3. Assign menu to account nav location. (you can use "Nav Menu Roles" plugin to control menu item visibility)

  4. Update social profile links in theme customizer (the api has changed which allows more flexibility, now you can reorder social links)

  5. Configure/map dashboard pages in customizer. (previously was configured through meta-panel)

  6. Configure/map authorization pages in customizer. (previously was configured through meta-panel)

  7. Insert [dashboard_welcome_msg] shortcode on main dashboard page. (now welcome message can be customized)

  8. If you are using "Testimonials" and "Pricing" modules, you might have to redefine it, the API is changed to avoid a conflict with beaver builder pro plugin modules.