4 - Setting Up Company Profile Page(s)

The company information is posted each time with the job listing. The WP Job Manager plugin does not provide a way to categorize "Companies" therefore this theme comes with a custom solution i.e. Company Taxonomy.

From v1.6 of this theme the company profile pages will be constructed based on this new taxonomy, however, the company data will still be taken from the job listing.

Company Profile Pages

In order to create a company profile page first you have to create a new company term by going to "Job Listings -> Companies". Once you have defined "Name" of the company, now it'll ask you to define it's "Meta Source", this is the job listing from which the company data is populated for display. You can either populate company data from the latest entry under that company term or you can configure it to use oldest entry in the company term for this purpose.

Once you have created the company term(s) in the screen above, now it is time to assign them to relevant job listing(s). To assign it, simply open the edit screen of job listing and add relevant company name via "Companies" meta panel, and then save the job listing.

Assign company to a job listing.

Once, you have assigned company term to relevant job listings, now you would be able visit those company profile pages by clicking the "View" link. The company profile links would also be available at different places on the front-end of your site (e.g. "Company Profile" widget, Explore Menu etc).

Click the "View" link to open company profile page.

In order for company profile page to be active and functional, you should assign at-least once job listing to that company term first.

Company Data Submission Form

Although the theme provides a separate taxonomy for companies categorization, the "meta data" for those companies is still posted with the job listing submission form.

It is primarily because this is WP Job Manager native behavior and changing it (e.g. moving company data under company terms instead) will make the theme incompatible with native WP Job Manager, company submission form filters as well as plugins like "Field Editor".

Since, the WP Job Manager requires you to submit company information each time you submit a new job post, it can become cumbersome quite quickly.

For this reason, the theme now provides you an additional field under "Existing Companies" tab when you submit a new job. This new field is also named "Company Name" but it provides you with a predefined list of existing companies under which you can post the job listing. Once you select any company form this dropdown field it will automatically populate rest of the company form*, so you would not have to re-fill it manually. You would still be able to edit company information though.

It'll take company data from the "latest" or "oldest" (depends on your configuration) job listing under that company term.

Company submission form.

Although this auto-population feature will re-fill all the available company fields but their are certain requirements and exceptions to this. a) Your company field meta key must start with the company_ keyword, otherwise it'll not know which field is the company field and thus will not auto-populate it. (It is applicable to you if you have defined additional company fields via WPJM filters or plugins like "Field Editor".) b) The "Company Logo" or any additional field with "File" type will not auto-populate and will needs to be uploaded again. This limitation is actually a browsers security feature which does not allow to dynamically populate "file" field via JavaScript.

User Specific Companies

There are two ways in which you can represent "Existing Companies" list to a user while (s)he is submitting the job.

a) You can either display ALL available company terms which are available on your site. b) You can display ONLY those company terms which are assigned to them.

The first scenario is straight forward, as for the second scenerio there are some prerequisites for it to work.

1: Make sure that you have enabled "User Specific Companies" option by going to "Job Listings -> Settings -> Job Submission (tab) -> User Specific Companies (option)" 2: Now go to each company term's edit screen and look for the option named "Assign User(s)". Here you can assign one or more users to that company and then ONLY those users would be able to see that company name under "Existing Company" tab.

Option to assign companies to specific user(s).

Please note that only "admin" of the site can bind company term to different users, if the verified user for the company further decides to add more members to his team who can submit under the same company, he can send an email to the admin to do so.