15 - Setting Up Maps

Configuring Maps for Jobs/Resume

You can enable maps on master jobs and resume listing pages so your users can have a visual interface with markers on the map.

To enable maps on master listing pages, you have to go through following steps:

  1. Register an account on MapBox and get a free "Access Token" from your mapbox account dashboard.

  2. Paste MapBox "Access Token" in your site at "Appearance -> Customize -> Geolocation Settings -> Mapbox Access Token".

  3. Enable maps on master job (or resume) pages by marking the checkbox located at "Appearance -> Customize -> Jobs (or Resumes) Settings -> Master Page -> Enable Maps".

  4. Go to "Job Listings -> Settings -> General (tab)" and insert your "Google Maps API Key" in the relevant field. Make sure that your Google API is properly configured (see "Configuring Google Maps API Key" section below) for your specific domain, otherwise markers on the map will not appear.

If you have followed the above steps your maps should start displaying the relevant listings markers with link to it's detail page.

Configuring Google Maps API Key

Geocoding won't work if you have not configured your Google Maps API properly for your domain. It must be noted that your google maps API key should be restricted based on your server IP address.

Sever IP based restriction

Also, you must enable "Geocoding API" service on your API key.

You need to have billing enabled on your Google cloud account to use these API services.

Having Issues Showing Markers?

If markers to some listings are no being displayed it could be because geocoding data (langitude, latitude) for that listing is not yet calculated, so the map does not know where exactly to display it's marker.

Usually, geocoding data gets calculated automatically when you create a new listing entry with a defined "location", however, you can force re-calcluation simply by re-saving the relevant entry.

This must be noted that map markers get updated with any change in search or filter criteria. So, markers only represent the active listings results.