6 - Setting Up Submission Packages

The theme supports "Paid Listing" plugin which means you can sell quantity-based submission packages (for jobs and resumes both) to your end-users. It'll allow you to limit how many submissions a user can make with a given package.

This plugin uses "WooCommerce" as a dependency for "payment processing" functionality, so you must have "WooCommerce" enabled together with "WC Paid Listing".

WooCommerce Wizard

As soon as you activate the "WooComemrce" plugin, the setup wizard for this plugin will start. On first step of this wizard you have to define your location and currency (in which you want to sale your packages). Further, you can configure the plugin to "Sell Digital Products" only.

In the next step, it will ask you to setup your payment methods, you can configure here how you want to process payments for your digital products. Once setup, next two steps namely "Recommended", and "Activate" are optional, you can skip them if you want. In the final step, the wizard is complete and you can go to your admin dashboard.

Setting Up Pages

Although, after going through plugin wizard the key pages would already be created but we have to further configure them a bit.

If you go to Pages -> All Pages section you can see that WooCommerce has created 4 pages (namely "Shop", "My Account", "Cart", and "Checkout"). You can delete the "Shop" page because our products (i.e. submission packages) would be listed on job (or resume) submission page automatically and we don't need a separate products catalog.

Now open "My Account" page in edit screen, and give this page any appropriate title you like.

After that you don't need to change content in WYSIWYG editor. But on the right hand side of the edit screen, assign "Dashboard template" to this page and choose "Dashboard" page as its parent like following.

Once this is done, click on blue "Update" button to save the page changes.

Creating Submission Packages

Now that all required pages have been created and properly configured, its time to create you first submission package. To do this, go to Products -> Add New page and define your package details, something like following.

Further scroll down to "Product data" meta panel, choose "Job Package" (or "Resume Package") as your product type and further define prices, "listing limit" (in quantity terms) and "listing duration" (in terms of days) for your product

When it is setup you can optionally assign your product to a relevant category like this.

At the end, when you are satisfied with your product information click on blue "Publish" button to publish your first digital product.

You can follow same procedure to create multiple "Job Packages" as well as "Resume Packages".

Configure Submission Flow

As soon as you create your first product package, the "Job Submission" (or "Resume Submission") page(s) will start displaying this product as part of its listing submission flow. By default, these packages would be shown AFTER user has filled and submitted the form but you can change this behavior.

For example to edit job submission flow, go to Job Listings -> Settings -> Job Submission, scroll below and look for an option named "Paid Listings Flow". Here you can define whether you want to display your packages before or after listing submission.

Same goes for changing "Resume Submission Flow", only difference is that you have to go to Resumes -> Settings -> Resume Submission instead.

In case, the top "step navigation" is not appearing to aid your user submission flow, make sure that you have told the plugin which page exactly is you "job/resume submission" page. You can do so by going to Job Listings (or Resumes) -> Settings -> Pages and defining "Submit Job (or Resume) Form Page" option.