7 - Setting Up Visibility Packages

In the previous section we have learnt, how to limit number of user submissions based on user package. However, there are some limitations to the functionality of "WC Paid Listing" plugin.

  1. The packages only appear when the user tries to submit new job or resume

  2. The packages only impose restriction on submissions

However, there are still many areas which you can have more control on, but "WC Paid Listing" does not offer those functionalities. Those areas includes:

  1. Limit user to browse master listing unless he choose a package

  2. Limit number of detail listing views a user can have with (or without) a given package

  3. Limit number of job applications (or candidate's contact) a user can have with (or without) a given package

To achieve any of the above mentioned functionality, the theme comes with optimized integration for a third-party plugin named "WP Job Manager - Packages" (by myles). This plugin is something similar to "Paid Listing", but it allows imposing limitation to the areas which are not originally address by WC Paid Listing plugin.

This plugin also uses "WooCommerce" as a dependency for "payment processing" functionality, so you must have "WooCommerce" enabled together with "WP Job Manager - Packages" plugin.

Creating Visibility Package(s)

Once you have installed and activate the "WP Job Manager - Packages" plugin, first thing you need to do is to define packages which a user have to purchase/subscribe if he wants to access a given functionality. To do this, go to Products -> Add New page and define your package details something like following.

Further, scroll down to "Product data" meta panel, choose "Job Visibility Package" (or "Resume Visibility Package") as your product's type and then define package price and limitations which includes "View Job" limitation (the number of single listings a user can view with this package), "Job Apply" limitation (the number of jobs a user can apply with this package), "Browse Listing" limitation (ability of user to browse master listings with this package).

When it is setup you can optionally assign your product to a relevant category like this.

At the end, when you are satisfied with your product information click on blue "Publish" button to publish your first visibility package.

You can follow same procedure to create multiple "Job Visibility Packages" as well as "Resume Visibility Packages".

If you have "WooCommerce Subscriptions" plugin installed you can even charge user on subscription basis automatically instead of selling one-off packages (which user may or may not re-new). In this case, you have to choose "Job Visibility Subscription" in product data meta panel instead of "Job Visibility Package".

Creating Package Listing Page(s)

Once you have defined your packages, you'll need a place on your site front-end to list and display those packages to your site visitors. So the user will be able to see what packages do you offer.

If these are "Job Visibility" packages which you want to display, you can create a page like this with following shortcode:

If you want to display "Resume Visibility" packages you can create a page like this:

For both pages, you can optionally choose following page style under "Page Configuration" meta panel:

At the end, when you done configuring your packages listing page click on blue "Publish" button to publish your page.

Linking Visibility Packages

Now that you have defined your visibility packages in the back-end and have created a front-end interface for the users to view the packages, there is still one more step left, that is, telling the "WP Job Manager - Packages" plugin which pages actually contain the visibility packages shortcode.

This will allow the plugin to redirect user to specified packages listing page if they have no access to a specified action/functionality.

For this, go to Job Listings -> Settings -> Pages page and choose the page you have just created under "Select Package Form Page" drop-down field.

If you are configuring "Resume Visibility" packages, you can instead go to Resumes -> Settings -> Pages and select resume packages page under "Select Package Form Page".