16 - Adding an Advanced Filtering System

If you’re looking for an advanced filtering and search system for your listings, look no further than FacetWP. It's a third-party plugin (sold separately) to create advance filters using any meta field (native or custom) for your jobs and resume listing pages.

Let’s get into it by following the next steps.

Note that this plugin will replace all the default fields which you can easily recreate as facets.

Step 1 Install the FacetWP Plugin

You must first purchase, install and activate the FacetWP plugin.

Step 2 Create the Facet Filters

Facets are UI elements (checkboxes, dropdowns, etc.) used to filter, or “drill down”, content listings. Facets are aware of the content, and only relevant choices are displayed.

Browse to Settings → FacetWP, click on the Facets tab, then click the Add New button. FacetWP includes a sample facet (Categories) to help get you started.

For more details check out the Facet Configuration article from the official Documentation.

Step 3 Show the Filters

You can display your filters on basically two places:

  1. Listings Archive. This includes both job archive page and resume archive page. Listing archive page sidebar is the area where most of your facets should go.

    To manage the visibility and order of facets for this area you should go to "Appearance → Customize → Jobs (or Resumes) Settings → Master Page Facets Module". Also do make sure that Facets Module is enabled under "Sidebar Order" option in the same panel.

  2. Front Page Hero. You can also display the facets in the hero panel. For this you've to provide comma seperated string of facet slugs under "Page Hero" meta panel for "Hero Facets" field.

That’s it! Now you should be able to filter and search the listings using an advanced system. See a live example here.